- Breast-Reduction-

The cost of breast reduction surgery will depend on the severity of breast enlarment and category of room chosen. The total cost can vary from INR 120,000-280,000. USD 1800-USD 3800. The cost includes all hospital expenses.

The results of breast reduction surgery/ reduction mammaplasty will last for any years. Significant changes in body weight can affect the breast shape also. Pregnancy of hormonal treatments after breast reduction can also result in increase in breast size. Ageing also affects skin elasticity and breast shape.

Drain tubes are not always required after breast reduction surgery. In fact, most cases of breast reduction do not require drains. Tumescent infiltration technique and meticulous control of blood vessels during surgery has obviated the need of routine drains in breast reduction surgery 

 The fat component in large breasts may respond to weight reduction. The breast tissue will not reduce with any non surgical treatment.

Keyhole breast reduction for women is another term for liposuction of breast. Keyhole breast reduction works only in a minor percentage of women with heavy breasts. 

Liposuction can reduce the bulk of the breasts to some extent, but will not help to improve the shape of a large sagging breast. Liposuction is usually combined with breast reduction surgery to further improve the result. 

Breast reduction is best performed by a cosmetic plastic surgeon. Breast reduction/ reduction mammaplsty can be done at most major hospitals in Kerala.Breast reduction  is regularly performed at the Cosmetic surgery department in Lakeshore hospital, Cochin. Dr.Hari Menon is a plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery. 


Small and moderate breast reductions/ breast lift can be performed as day care surgery. Large breast reductions and people coming from distant places require 1 night hospital admission after surgery. 

Chance of major complications in breast reduction are low. Wound infection and hematoma can occur in the early period. Wound breakdown, asymmetry, prominent scars, decreased or absent sensation in nipple, fat necrosis and anesthesia related problems are possible complications. Long term satisfaction rates after breast reduction is very high.


 There are no reports to suggest increase in breast cancer risk after breast reduction. On the contrary some studies have found that breast cancer risk may decrease after breast reduction due to removal of large amounts of breast tissue. Regular breast cancer screening should be continued even after breast reduction for people with high risk and those after 40 years of age.


 It is very unlikely that the breasts will enlarge to the previous size. Some increase or decrease in size can happen along with change in body weight. Ageing changes like decrease in skin elasticity will also happen gradually over decades. If you become pregnant after breast reduction surgery, significant increase in breast size can happen in the later stages of pregnancy. Estrogen replacement treatments can also cause breast enlargement.

 Breast reduction surgery involves disruption of the normal breast architecture. The main milk ducts under the nipple are preserved as will be some amount of breast tissue. Breast feeding may be reduced or may not be possible after a major breast reduction/ Reduction mammaplasty surgery

 Pre op work up will include blood tests, breast imaging- Mammography of ultrasound scan and ant other tests for anesthesia fitness. Smokers should quit smoking 1 month prior to surgery. Aspirin, clopidrogel and other blood thinners should be stopped 1 week prior to surgery. Plan the surgery at a time when you can easily manage few days of rest and relaxation.

Top center in Kerala for breast reduction 

Breast reduction/ cosmetic breast surgery for treatment of large breasts is regularly performed by Dr.Hari Menon at Lakeshore hospital in Cochin. The number of breast reduction surgeries is steadily increasing in Kerala as the awareness about treatment is increasing. 

Recovery after Breast reduction  

Breast reduction is a fast recovery procedure and does not require bed rest. Routine activities can be resumed from next day. Heavy physical work should be restricted for a month after surgery. A week off from work should be planned for you to relax after surgery.

Pain after breast reduction surgery 

Breast reduction is always performed under general anesthesia, so the surgery is pain less. The post operative period is also fairly comfortable. Regular pain medications will be prescribed for few days.The operated areas will be numb for quite some time and thats why breast reduction is generally pain free in the post op period.

 The amount of breast reduction will depend on the size of breast before surgery and also your wishes. In very large breasts, the breasts can be reduced to half the size or even one third the size before surgery. The aim is to create a normal sized and normal looking breast. In very large and sagging breasts, the surgeon will aim to reduce the maximum possible without compromising safety and viability of tissues.

Safe breast reduction in Kerala

Breast reduction is a relatively safe procedure. Standard risks of a major surgery under anesthesia do exist for breast reduction. The incidence of major complications have been very low in breast reductions in Kerala.

Breast Reduction in Kerala

 Breast reduction surgery takes 2-3 hours normally. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Breast reduction for large heavy and sagging breasts is a common procedure in Kerala.