Rhinoplasty/ Nose surgery

Photos of Rhinoplasty in Kerala, India 

Rhinoplasty is cosmetic surgery to improve nose shape, also called nose plastic surgery. The changes required vary from person to person. The before- after pictures/photos of rhinoplasty provide an indication of the changes that can be made to nose shape.Best results are obtained when performed by cosmetic plastic surgeon with a customized surgical plan. Read more on Rhinoplasty surgery

Healing after Rhinoplasty

The result of Rhinoplasty is well appreciable in 3 weeks time, improvements continue for 3-6 months after surgery, depending on the extent of surgery. Rhinoplasty is a regularly performed surgery by Dr.Hari Menon at Lakeshore hospital, Cochin, Kerala.

Cost of Rhinoplasty in India

The cost of Rhinoplasty is highly variable and depends on the surgical plan. Please contact us with your needs and photos to know the best treatment plan for you