Hair Transplantation

 Photos of Hair transplantation in Kerala

Hair transplantation is becoming very popular in Kerala. Unlike hair fixing(wig), transplanted hairs grow like normal hair. The transplanted hairs are not affected by baldness process. Hair transplantation does not need hospital stay. 

Result of hair plantation in Cochin

The result of hair transplantation is visble in 6-9 months after the procedure.  2 weeks after transplantation, many of the hairs fall off. New hairs grow from the roots in 3 months and reasonably good growth is seen in 6 months.

Hair transplant surgeon- Dr. Hari Menon

The photos shown in this page are all cases done by Dr. Hari Menon in Cochin, Kerala. Dr. Menon prefers follicular unit transfer for larger areas and mega sessions. Dr. Hari and team performs hair transplantation at Lakeshore hospital .  You may enquire with us regarding your hair loss problem and treatment.

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