Breast Reduction

Photos of Breast reduction in Kerala,India.

Haevy breasts cause lot of physical discomfort. Getting proper clothes becomes difficult. Breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery that reduces breast size and lifts the breasts.Breast reduction surgey provides immediate relief form physical symptoms of heavy sagging breasts. The photos of breast reduction in this page will provide an idea about the changes possible. Complete healing and esthetic appeal of breast reduction is appreciated in 6-12 months. Some of the photos shown are early results of breast reduction.

Best hospital for Breast reduction in Kerala

Dr. Hari Menon performs breast reduction surgery at top hospital in Cochin with quality accreditation. Breast reduction can be done as a daycare surgery or may require 1 night stay in hospital, depending on the surgical plan. Breast reduction is a common surgery in Kerala.

Cost of Breast reduction in Kerala

The total cost of breast reduction in Kerala by Dr. Hari Menon can vary from INR 120,000- 230,000 depending on the severity and time required in surgery.