Breast implant surgery

Photos of Breast implants surgery in Kerala,India

Breast augmentation to increase breast size is best achieved by using silicone implants. Silicone implants have been found to be safe and does not cause any disease.Breast augmentation is done for young women with small breasts and for correcting mild sagging due to volume loss after breast feeding.

Best clinic for breast implant in India

Dr. Hari Menon performs breast augmentation at quality accredited hospital with best surgical facility. Breast implant surgery does not require hospital stay.
Normal activities can be started in 24 hours. Th breasts will look and feel like normal in 4-12 weeks time.

Cost of breast enlargement in Kerala

Cost of Breast augmentation using best quality US FDA approved implants can vary from INR 130,000-200,000 as a daycare procedure. 

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