Abdominoplasty/ Tummy tuck

Photos of Abdominoplasty in Kerala, India 

Abdominoplasty/ tummy tuck for tummy shape correction is common in Kerala. It is most often done for women after pregnancy. Abdominoplasty with liposuction will treat excess fat, loose skin and muscle weakness that occurs after pregnancies. Abdominoplasty results in flat, well toned tummy. Most women undergo abdominoplasty to regain trim body shape and confidence. The before after pictures of abdominoplasty in this page will give you an idea of the changes possible. Complete healing of abdominoplasty takes upto 6 months, that is when the results are best appreciated. Some of the photos shown here are early results.

Abdominoplasty surgeon in Kerala

Dr. Hari Menon is a plastic surgeon & a top specialist in Cosmetic surgery. Abdominoplasty is frequently perormed by Dr. Hari in Cochin. You may send in your query to us using the Contact Us page.

Best hospital for abdominoplasty in Kerala. 

Abdominoplasty is best performed in hospital/clinic with excellent facilities for surgery and post op care. Dr. Hari Menon performs tummy tuck in quality accredited hospital in Cochin- Lakeshore hospital. Abdominoplasty normally requires 2-3 days hosptal stay and 2 weeks recovery at home.