Thank you for visiting this website. As a discerning prospective patient  seeking cosmetic surgery in India, you need to be aware of the options available and the implications to make an informed decision. This website will help you make the first step in that direction, and you make  progress after a consultation or two with your treating doctor. Having an idea about the options available will help you get more information during your consultation. I would also encourage you to make notes and prepare a list of questions for your meeting with me.
I have kept the information in this website clear, concise and relevant. Having interacted with patients seeking cosmetic surgery for many years, I understand the priorities of patients and the frequently asked questions. The details outlined here are from my experience and all efforts have been made to make this website one-stop place for all your questions. 
Cosmetic surgery is an evolving field like any other branch of medicine and science. New methods, modifications of existing techniques, exciting new technology and increasing understanding of healing mechanisms, psyche, and path-breaking research are all contributing to the changing scenario.
This website is kept up-to-date to reflect the state of the art in cosmetic surgery. Please contact me for specific information regarding your treatment options. You can e-mail me or call me with your medical information and pictures.