Pimple scar treatment

What is it?

Cosmetic procedures for reducing pimple scars.

How is it done?

Scars are smoothened by resurfacing or filled / released from below.

Recovery time

Back to work- 2-7 days Complete recovery- 5-14 days.

Related Terms
Pimple scars are probably the most common aesthetic problem in the world. Because it is common, pimple scars are not considered abnormal. Most people accept it as a minor superficial blemish and carry on with their lives. This is the ideal approach to deal with pimple scars. 
Some cases of acne/pimples may leave deep craters on the skin along with other superficial scars and ice pick scars. Such scars may create a sense of imperfection in some people- most often in young women. 
If you are considering treatment for pimple scars, the following points will be of help-
 Pimple scars can only be reduced- not eliminated
 Pimple scar reduction takes time and multiple sessions of treatment
 Scar reduction treatments should be done after acne activity subsides.
 Pimple scar treatment is not magic! Expect 30-50 % improvement at best.
 A confident positive outlook is the best way to deal with pimple marks
Treatment options-
Skin resurfacing- scars can be made less prominent by resurfacing procedures, where the top layers of skin are removed. The skin heals again and the scars become shallower.
Resurfacing is achieved by 3 tools-
 Surgical dermabrasion
 Chemical peel
 Laser resurfacing
Subcision- deep scars are released from the underlying tissues using this technique where a Nokor needle or subcision wire is used to detach the scar from the deeper tissue.
Fillers- injectable fillers of fat can be used in selected cases to fill areas with deep depression. This is a minimally invasive technique.
Psychological counseling- in some cases pimple scars may cause serious psychological setback. Most often such negative mental state does not correlate with the magnitude of the aesthetic problem. Any amount of cosmetic treatment will not help in such cases. Psychological counseling performed by experienced clinical psychologist/ psychiatrists will help in such cases.